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Concerning disease, your heredity may load the gun, but stress and malnutrition pull the trigger.

The Complete Foods 5 Minute Daily Fitness Course

Exercise is vital for any food and fitness program and it can begin with only 5 minutes each morning! The #1 results-giving standard for old time physical culturists and modern athletes alike is found in a principle called...
Waistline = Healthline.

Consistently activating the "Core" area of your body before consuming your first meal each day can give amazing and dramatic results in a very short time. It not only trims, shapes, and firms your midsection, but it stimulates the lower intestinal track, colon, kidneys, and other vital organs that are essential for the digestion and metabolism of your food.

By applying the following exercises for just 5 minutes a day you can accomplish an inevitable health increase that you will be able to feel and see almost immediately.

Note: Do at least one deep breather between each exercise for best results.

  • Side Bends - Stand straight, heals together, toes out slightly, hold waist in, bend as far as possible to each side. Start slowly and increase speed gradually for 1 minute.
  • Twists - Stand straight, feet shoulder width apart, hold waist in, twist as far as possible to each side. Start slowly and increase speed gradually for 1 minute.
  • Toe Touches - Stand straight, feet together, knees locked, bend over as far as possible and return to a standing position and continue for 1 minute.
  • Knee To Chest - Lie on back on the floor, raise head slightly with hands behind head, lift feet off the floor, bend one knee to chest and straighten back out, repeat with other leg. Start slowly and increase speed gradually for 1 minute.
  • Deep Knee Bends - Stand straight with feet shoulder width apart, toes slightly out, bend down until thighs (upper legs) are parallel to the floor and return to starting position. Continue for 1 minute.

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