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Concerning disease, your heredity may load the gun, but stress and malnutrition pull the trigger.

Health Assessment "Nutrient Deficiency" Test
(Maximize Your Health Potential!)

It has become common knowledge in the health community that premature aging, ill-health, and body dis-ease flourish when nutritional deficiencies are present within our bodies. Even on a rare day when we can eat 100% clean & healthy food, we simply cannot consume enough variety or mass volume to guaranty that our nutritional needs are completely fulfilled. Whole Food Concentrates provide a full spectrum of multi-nutritional elements plus the all important co-factors and accompanying nutrients that are absent in many medicinal herbs or synthetic multi-vitamin formulas.

The following Health Assessment Test will reveal which nutrients your body may be lacking, and which Whole Food Concentrates are the best fit to fulfill your specific nutritional needs.

Note: The amounts you need will depend on your daily activity level and severity of symptoms. It is virtuously impossible to “overdose” on Whole Food Concentrates because they are made of 100% bio-available food (not isolated, synthetic chemicals or toxic non-food elements). The main challenge in regards to nutrient intake is always the fact that most people never get enough quality food or nourishment on a daily basis to experience real change or lasting positive results.

Here is the general suggested use for the Octo line of Whole Food Concentrates.

  • Moderately active lifestyle = 5-15 Whole Food Octo tablets daily and/or 1 OctoMega Whole Food Multi-Pack
  • Very active lifestyle = 15-25 Whole Food Octo tablets daily and/or 2 OctoMega Whole Food Multi-Packs
  • Athlete or Personal Trainer = 25-50 Whole Food Octo tablets daily and/or 3 OctoMega Whole Food Multi-Packs

To “Self Diagnose” and determine your most prominent nutritional needs, take this simple Health Assessment Test. Then select and utilize the proper Whole Food Concentrates to combat and overcome your nutritional deficiencies.

If you have these...
Symptoms or Tendencies

Apply these recommended...
Whole Food Concentrates

  • Difficulty in maintaining ideal weight
  • Water Retention/Improper Elimination
  • Metabolism or Thyroid problems
  • Salt, Stimulant, Spice Cravings
  • Infrequent Consumption of Organic Leafy Greens

  • Low Energy, Stamina, or Power
  • Sweet Cravings/Appetite Problems
  • Thinning Hair, Atrophied Muscle
  • Frequent Stress, Easily Irritated
  • Anemic, Jittery, or Darkness under Eyes

  • Sore or Painful Joints (Inflammation)
  • Poor Concentration or Memory
  • Mood Swings, Low Sex Drive
  • Prostate or Virility Challenges
  • Problems with Heart, Eyes, Skin, Lungs, or Nervous System

  • Poor Resistance and Immunity
  • Frequent Bruising/Spider Veins
  • Muscle Cramps/Spasms, Chronic Pain
  • Problems with Bones, Joints, Teeth, Gums, and Fingernails
  • Difficulty Digesting/Assimilating Foods
  • Indigestion, Abdominal Bloating
  • Lack of Appetite

  • Health Challenges with any of the Symptoms or Tendencies listed above
  • Lacking in Daily Organic Whole Food Intake (Vast Variety of over 30+ foods)

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