The “Octo” Line

Octo (which means 8) is simply the complete number of synergistically balanced *Organic and conventional whole foods that make up each one of our “Whole Food Concentrates”. There are 8 whole foods rich in essential minerals in (Octo Green-Life), 8 whole foods rich in B vitamins in (Octo B-Complex), 8 whole foods rich in Calcium in (Octo Multi-Cal), and so on. The Complete Foods “Octo” Line consists of a variety of whole food supplement products, each of which represent a major nutritional category important for human health including Protein, B vitamins, Calcium, Vitamin C, Enzymes, Minerals, and Omega Oils. These products are made of complete whole foods (over 50 foods in all) and have been naturally concentrated to ensure maximum nutrient purity and absorption.

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