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Concerning disease, your heredity may load the gun, but stress and malnutrition pull the trigger.

Testimonials and Success Stories

In the following paragraphs you will read about some of the people who have applied the Complete Foods E.A.T. Nutrition Program to their lives. The program is based upon the infallible laws of cause and effect and the universal premise that a persons quality of health is largely based upon the quality of their blood – So Clean the Blood, Build the Blood, and Circulate the Blood to Maximize Your Health Potential! This program is simple, it’s valid, and it’s common sense; but most importantly, it works!

We believe that a health program is only as good as the results that it gives. That is why we say that Our #1 Product is Your Results. We challenge you to challenge us. These people did and here are their results.

ROBERT D. Was in horrible shape when he started the CFN Program over three years ago. At five feet 8 inches tall, and tipping the scales at over 250 lbs., his enthusiasm for life was at an all time low. He suffered from psoriasis, chronic fatigue, memory loss, shortness of breath, heart palpitations and a host of other ailments. He had such radical food cravings that he would routinely consume a half gallon of cheap ice cream, a full can of Hershey’s chocolate syrup, half a jar of maraschino cherries, a mega portion of whipped cream and nuts, half a bag of oily corn chips, 3-4 cups of jalapeno cheese, and an unhealthy serving of Tabasco sauce… All IN ONE BOWL!!! Then for dessert he would wash it down with a six pack of beer! He was a self-proclaimed “REAL MESS”!

After just 3 months of applying the Complete Foods Nutrition E.A.T. Program personalized to his needs, he lost over sixty pounds and tightened his belt by 12 notches! His waist went from a 44” to just under 36”. Today he continues to incorporate the PFN program just as adamantly as when he started over 3 years ago. All other unhealthy symptoms have disappeared, including those amazing improper food cravings. Robert now maintains his weight in the mid 180’s. He can completely control his health with proper food, exercise, attitude, and the knowledge of what his state of health used to be.

Thanks Robert, for setting a truly miraculous example!

LORA H. recently made the statement, “A healthier style of living and eating leads to a better way of thinking.” It could also be said that a better way of thinking leads to a healthier style of living and eating! Lora knows very well what can happen when one applies a “healthier style of living and eating” to one’s life, because she has done it!

After being committed to the Complete Foods Nutrition E.A.T. Program 100% she has experienced some truly outstanding results. In the beginning her long list of ailments included arthritic knees (pain & swelling), continual yeast infections (Candida), colitis and heavy bloating, water retention, thinning hair, poor posture, adult acne, and very pale skin. She also had severe improper food cravings and a daily marijuana addiction for well over 10 years. She was a complete wreck! We’re happy to say that as of 2011, she has absolutely none of these miserable symptoms and is now completely drug free and clean. She was also able to throw away her reading glasses after the Optometrist told her that she no longer needed them.

“Way to go, Lora… we love you lots!

PETE Z. is a true CFN devotee. He’s what we call a real 100 Percenter! Pete’s discipline, diligence and commitment are the key factors that helped him recently rediscover his health. Two years ago, Pete was a bulky and powerful 225 lb. body-builder. He acquired his results through many years of hard, drug-free training in the gym.

His trouble started when he began to notice some weight loss and fatigue. Within a few months his digestion became very poor. He experienced loose stools and extreme bouts of diarrhea. A short time later he experienced muddled thinking and memory loss. His hair began thinning noticeable and he became extremely weak. By early the next year he had become so lifeless that he didn’t have the energy to exercise. His weight had dropped down into the mid 150’s. At 6 feet 2 inches tall, Pete had lost a very frightening 70 lb. of healthy body weight in just over 18 months. He checked himself into a hospital, suspecting that he might have cancer or some other degenerative disease. When the hospital results came back negative he was at a complete loss. He was left confused, frustrated, and still very sick. That’s when Pete found CFN!

By diligently applying the Complete Foods Nutrition Weight Gain and Strength Program, Pete not only stopped the debilitating weight loss that was destroying his body, but he packed on almost 40 lbs. of muscular weight in less than six months… drug-free, of course! With his weight at a solid 190+, his other symptoms, such as bad bowels, memory loss, extremely low energy and weakness have also made a 180-degree turn for the better. Pete plans to continue his individualized program of proper nutrition, exercise, and positive attitude.

We’re proud of you, Pete… Keep up the good work and the good workouts. It’s like Pete says, “You have nothing to lose… and only your health to gain!”

Patti S. started the CFN program over 25 years ago when she was in her first year of recovery from a long history of alcoholism, 10 years of marijuana use almost daily, and 5 years of cocaine addiction. She is still one of our best and most motivated clients. Here’s what she had to say about her experience with the Complete Foods Nutrition E.A.T. Program:

“In December of 1985 I began working with the Nutritional & Fitness Counselors and staff at Complete Foods Nutrition to change my eating habits and develop an exercise regimen. They developed a series of exercises that I could do at home, and my body shape, tone and flexibility improved dramatically. Within a short period of adhering to a regular program of the Whole Food Nutritional Supplements they recommended, I began to see a big difference in my skin, hair, nails and energy level. Having maintained this program with CFN for over 20 years, I am happy and enthusiastic about recommending their expertise and suggestions to anyone who would like to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. I do believe that we are a result of what we eat, and I would never return to the unhealthy and life shorting way of living that I had before learning from Complete Foods Nutrition! Sincerest Thanks!”

By the way, Patti also broke a 27 year smoking habit while on the CFN program with NO weight gain, and has not smoked since.

Thanks for your support, Patti …we love you.

More Testimonials coming soon.

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