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Quotable Quotes

“Every single death from old age or natural causes emanated from nutritional deficiencies.”
-Dr. Joel Wallach

“The prevention and cure for all malady and disease will no doubt be found in natural food.”
-Thomas Edison

“Food from nature is the only true and reliable source of healing.”
-Hippocrates (the father of modern medicine)

Concerning disease, your heredity may load the gun, but stress and malnutrition pull the trigger.

A Wise Solution

At Complete Foods Nutrition we believe that health conscious people must lead the way in avoiding the perils of low reserves, nutritional deficiencies, and the “Empty Tank” syndrome each and every day. Renowned Nobel prize contender Phipher states,

“The root cause of every human disease is malnutrition.”

If the root of  human disease and premature aging is truly caused by malnutrition and nutritional deficiencies, then finding ways to combat these problems is vitally important.  But, with the over processing of our foods, environmental contamination, topsoil depletion, stressful lifestyles, and a myriad of other common health related challenges, it’s almost impossible for most of us to meet even minimal requirements of our daily nutritional needs.  Likewise we age faster than we should, we feel more tired and fatigued than we should, our enthusiasm and zest for life is not what it should be, and in many cases our get up and go has got up and left!

Enter Whole Food Concentrates – a rugged band of high powered nutritional super hero’s able to help alleviate many of the ill-effects of malnutrition and nutritional deficiencies.  Whole Food Concentrates are made from superior quality, nutrient rich foods that have been naturally condensed or “concentrated” to a smaller size, while still retaining huge amounts of nutrient density and potency. Whole Food Concentrates are conveniently portable, easily digestible, and effectively storable for months or years at a time. They provide many times greater nutritional value than their actual size and weight, so a small amount goes a long way in making sure your body and mind stay sufficiently nourished throughout the day. And, unlike many other so called “nutritional supplements” on the market today, they do not contain synthetic, isolated, or man-made nutritionally ineffective and (potentially toxic) substances. Most importantly Whole Food Concentrates are 100% bio available food, and can provide a simple solution in acquiring the mega nutrients needed to stave off nutritional deficiencies and malnutrition. If you have a desire to slow down the aging process, help protect yourself against disease, and give your body every opportunity to gain vibrant energy and health, then we recommend utilizing the Complete Foods Octo-Line of Whole Food Concentrates.

Whole Food Concentrates

Not all “Nutritional Supplements”
are created equal

Studies show that Synthetic, Isolated, or Non-Food supplements lack the co-factors and accompanying properties (found only in natural food) that your body needs to properly utilize a given nutrient.  Likewise when you take isolated supplements such as vitamin A, B, C, calcium, zinc, protein, enzymes, amino acids your body will rob or steal these missing co-factor nutrients from itself to complete the incomplete balances caused by the non-food imposter supplement.  Instead of fortifying the body, non-food supplements may end up depleting your body of its own valuable nutritional reserves. 

The Merck index manual 9th edition (Encyclopedia of Chemicals and Drugs) exposes the true content of isolated vitamins as artificial chemicals – not food. 

  • Vitamin A = Propylene Oxide/Petroleum/Ether/Methanol
  • Vitamin B = Culture Filtrates of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis/Streptomyces Griseus/Fermentation Liquors
  • Vitamin C = Ascorbin Acid/D-Glucose converted to D-Sorbitol 
  • Vitamin D = Ergosterol/Altra-Violet Solvent 
  • Vitamin E = Hydroquinone and Phytol in Anhydr formic acid

Note:  If you do take isolated nutritional supplements or other forms of holistic, herbal, or medical dietary aids, make sure to include a consistent variety of Whole Food Concentrates to complete the natural nutrient balance and strengthen (not deplete) your bodies nutritional reserves.  Whole Food Concentrates can be taken with other supplements, with meals, with other supplements, or by themselves to ensure full nutrient utilization and maximize your daily health potential.    

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